Why You’ll Love These Spring Fashion Trends

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Spring fashion trends for 2020

Why You’ll Love These Spring Fashion Trends

The spring fashion trends I’ve chosen to highlight in this post are the ones that I consider great options for us older women. Many of these you might already have in your closet, and if not, you might have had them in the past. We always know that styles circle around, and we are seeing more and more 1970’s styles come back.

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Quote of the day: “Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.” Mother Teresa

While you may not consider talking about spring fashion trends as helping others, I do. Only because I think we all feel better when we look our best. And part of that is looking contemporary.

Even though the calendar may say spring, the weather may not be cooperating. Whether or not your weather is warm, this time of the year is all about renewal and adding in color. That’s how Mother Nature starts the season, so you should too.

Jewelry Spring Fashion Trends

Jewelry fashion trends for 2020
Gold Link Necklace from Nordstrom
Pearl earrings from Last Call

The biggest spring fashion trends in jewelry are the chain link jewelry and anything with pearls. You will love both of these because they are classic.
I bet each and every one of you already has a pearl necklace. And I bet most of you “save” it for those special occasions like a wedding or dress up gala.
I’m here to say you shouldn’t “save” the china for the special events. Because every day is special in it’s own way. So pull out your pearl necklaces and maybe layer them with other necklaces.

Of course you can always update what you have jewelry wise by adding in some low cost pieces. I always consider this an inexpensive way to add a modern vibe to any outfit. PS…I’ll be publishing a 5 different ways to wear a pearl necklace blog post soon. Keep your eyes peeled.


What color to wear for the spring
Orange top from Nordstrom
Grape top from Kohls

I think spring is always the time we start seeing more color and the magazine, Glamour, stated that grape compote and orange are two of the ones to embrace.

Why do I think you’ll love this? Because who doesn’t love the colors of the spring flowers and feel joy when you see these colors? I may harp on color over an over, but there is psychological proof about how color affects us. So make sure to add some orange or lavender (or whatever you want to call it) to your wardrobe this week, even if it’s just a scarf. Or even better review how I paired orange and light pink the other day.

Spring Fashion Trends Prints

Different prints that are great this spring
Polka Dot top from Nordstrom
Tie Dye top from Macy’s

As for prints in our spring fashion trends report, I’m sure you will all love the fact that polka dots and tie dye are going to be big.
Personally I’ve only just started loving polka dots because the funny thing is I used to consider them too girly. You know? Not serious enough. Yet now that I’m retired, I feel them to be playful. And we all need a little playful in our lives.

As for the tie dye, I bet many of you have even tie dyed your own garments at one time. Like I said, the 70’s styles are returning, and this one has been gaining ground for awhile. Who of you is going to embrace it?


Spring fashion trends for different details
Crochet top from Novica
Pleated skirt from ModCloth

The details of the Spring 2020 season are feminine. At least the ones I’m going to address here. I think an advantage to being female is the option to wear both feminine and masculine items, and sometimes both at once.
Both these details you should love because they can hide a multitude of sins. Not that I consider anything about our bodies “sins” or needing to hide, but these items gives you options.

The crochet detail is like the sheer pieces, it covers and yet doesn’t. I have a couple of crochet pieces like the wrap I knitted ages ago. However, they might be a tad too warm for Arizona. I might need to explore some lighter weight ones. As for the pleated skirts that I’m seeing everywhere, how great to have a flowy skirt. Movement is the secret to looking fresh and young. And I would love to suggest wearing sneakers with your skirt. I know, I know, it’s a crazy thought. But the more you try it, the more you might like it.


Jeans trends
Straight Cropped jeans from Zappos
Wide Leg jeans TJ Maxx

Let’s talk jeans and how many different styles are available to us right now. I happen to think it’s wonderful that we have many choices depending on the weather, what we are doing or just our mood. And if you look at the newer trends and think you’d never wear them, I might ask you to consider how you felt when you first saw the skinny jeans? I remember thinking I would never wear them, and now? LOL! I have a ton.

So the straight cropped jeans you will love for the warmer weather because you have some built in air conditioning. Think of these as a mix between capris and ankle pants.
The wider leg pants are very much in style right now too. I’ve seen the slight flares all the way to the ever loved palazzo pants on many sites. I’m sure I’m going to be wearing my turquoise pair quite a bit when the temperature is a hundred.

Insider tip: If you have a pair of jeans you’re not wearing much, how about cutting them off to make them cropped? The raw hem is very popular and when that trend is over, you can always hem them to capris.


Footwear for older women
Loafers from Zappos
Sneakers from Nordstrom

And here’s what you will really love about the footwear as part of this spring fashion trends post. COMFORT!! Yes, the two big trends for your feet are loafers and sneakers. The sneakers have been around for awhile. In fact, I’ve shown how some can go from the gym to dinner. It’s fabulous to see the different prints, cut outs and details that make sneakers anything but clunky and frumpy.

The loafers are part of the preppy vibe that I expect to see more and more. Granted not all loafers are comfortable but this navy pair is the exact pair that Lesley wears whenever we walk a lot (she has them in navy and black).

So share with me? Which ones are you loving the most?

Spring fashion trends for 2020


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