A Winter Day in Frisco for Wassail Days

Winter day in Frisco under the clock

A Winter Day in Frisco for Wassail Days

Quote of the day: “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

Anyone else guilty of living in a place, yet never taking advantage of all it has to offer? I know when we were working full time, it was hard to spend our off days doing touristy things, because there was the day to day chores that needed to get done.

So now that my husband, Rob is retired also, we thought it’d be fun to experience some of the interesting events that our wonderful state has to offer. We saw an ad for Wassail Days in Frisco, and figured this would be a fun way to usher in December.

Winter day in Frisco for any age

The City of Frisco

If you’ve never been to Frisco, it’s a mountain town situated to the west of Denver off of I-70. In good weather, it should take about an hour and a half to get to your destination from Denver. There isn’t any skiing in this particular town, but there are 6 other large ski resorts within 30 minutes.

And the thing to remember if you ever visit the mountain of Colorado whether in the summer or winter, is that it’s usually 10 degrees colder than Denver. Therefore, make sure you take lots of layers. Our winter day in Frisco, was an unusual cloudy day, but not too frigid.

Winter day in Frisco downtown

Wassail Days

Now if you’re anything like us, you have no idea what wassail is. But we soon found out, that it’s basically an apple cider with other spices added. Some versions are alcoholic; however, most aren’t. The town of Frisco has this contest to see which shop has the best version of wassail. And so you travel from shop to shop on Main Street trying each store’s wassail drink. The goal is to get at least 12 stores to stamp your card, which then enables you to pick up a commemorative mug. You can also vote on the wassail that you liked best at the end of the day.

Here is the crew at the start of the day. We are ready and raring to go with my hubby being our pack mule for all of our hats and gear.

Winter day in Frisco for Wassail Days

Since we left Denver about 9 am, Rob was ready to stop for a mid morning snack and coffee as soon as we got situated. When we first drove into Frisco the wind was quite chilly, which is why you can see us below with ear muffs, hats and gloves.

Winter day in Frisco getting coffee


Since this is a fashion blog, let me also review some of the items that worked well for us on this adventure.


You can see that we each wore a variety of toppers for our winter day in Frisco. Nancy had on her furry jacket. She bought this last winter, and these type of coats have been quite popular on many other blogs too. The best thing is that there are long ones, short ones, and fun colors like pink and yellow in addition to the leopard print ones.

My mom wore her plaid poncho that she’s worn many times on the blog. The nice thing about ponchos, is they aren’t as heavy and cumbersome, yet you can layer tons under them. They also aren’t super fitted so they work even after the “eat too much” season. You can choose the open front ones or the over the head versions.

I ended up wearing my white coat over a fur vest. The saddest thing is this white coat has been a favorite jacket of mine for 10 years. Of course, it gets dirty, but it’s machine washable, so I’ve kept it looking okay for the entire time. However, after this trip the edges were looking quite dingy, so I soaked it in OxyClean. And the weirdest thing happened. There appeared the craziest black stains on it. I ended up having to throw it out, so a new white coat is on my future buying list.


The other big factor for a day of walking is the boots and shoes. This is always a huge concern for most of us, and something we discussed for the summer walking events also.

Charlotte wore her olive green boots that she recently wore for our holiday inspired outfits. I would consider this a classic style of boots, that we all probably have at least a black and brown version of in our closets. Of course there are modern versions of this style of boot like the patent leather, silver scrunch, or fringe.

Nancy pulled out her brown ankle boots which are really a go-to item for many of our blog posts. The ankle boots are easier to wear under your jeans since you don’t have to tuck them in. There are the basics like Nancy’s brown ones, but lately there has been a big push for unique styles. Like the white ankle boots, leopard ones, or even the red version. That red pair is the exact pair I just bought for my birthday, and you may have seen them on Instagram. If not, they’ll be showcased soon enough on the blog.

As for my boots of choice, I grabbed my newest OTK pair. I blame thank my reader, Jean, for this purchase. She commented on our OTK boot post that Lord & Taylor had an incredible sale on these boots. In a fit of craziness, while on my phone at the airport, I ended up clicking the button to buy them while boarding our plane. I haven’t been sorry though, because the lighter color has worked for so many outfits and the over the knee trend is so much warmer for me.

Winter day in Frisco with our purchases


It wasn’t our intention to shop the day away, but that’s basically the intention of the event. It’s a perfect way to get people to visit the shops of Frisco. So being the wonderful supporters of small businesses, we made sure to purchase a couple of items in almost every store, LOL!

Nancy found this wonderful wall hanging, which meant the sales clerk had to climb on the counter in order to get it down.

Winter day in Frisco shopping

Winter day in Frisco scenery

We had to pose with this statue of “Vinny” in front of the restaurant on this winter day in Frisco. Rob’s father, brother, cousin and great nephew have that same name, so it was quite apropos. Unfortunately the restaurant was closed for lunch, or else we would have eaten there.

Winter day in Frisco with Vinny



We ventured into the shop, Cornflower, and started talking to Jackie who was handing out the wassail. It wasn’t long until we had made fast friends with both Nancy (one of the owners of the shop) and Jackie. The funniest part is that Jackie doesn’t even work there, but shops there so often, that it’s like she’s one of the crew.

We hung out and visited enough to say that we planned to come up and visit in the summer, and get together again. Now that’s one way to make new friends!

Winter day in Frisco at Cornflower

It was at this store that I found these fabulous fur fingerless gloves. Now considering my hands are always cold, I wasn’t sure why I would want these. Until I saw the texting gloves right next to them.  I thought it’d be a perfect way to layer the two. The fur portion adds some fun to the gloves, yet my fingers are still covered (and I can still use my phone while wearing them).

I wasn’t the only one who bought items at this store. Nancy bought a fur scarf, and my mom purchased the gold scarf that she wore in our retro post.

Winter day in Frisco at Cornflower with my new gloves

Funky Trunk

The other store that we spent quite a long time shopping at was the Funky Trunk which is a consignment store. The three of us seem to shop very well together as we find items for each other to try on and buy.

Nancy picked up this wonderful leopard coat that she wore last week. And I found this interesting top/tunic that I showcased on Instagram. The neatest thing is the shop is run by a mother/daughter duo so it was quite a joy to connect with them.

Winter day in Frisco at the Funky Trunk

We had so much fun on our winter day in Frisco exploring the town and small shops. Not only did we make new friends, bought new purchases, but we also picked up the commemorative mugs which have gotten good use for our afternoon tea.

Winter day in Frisco with our Wassail mugs

Needless to say, we were worn out at the end of the day. Our pack mule had to take a break on a bench to rest up before we headed back to Denver.

Notice the addition of the hat on Rob’s head. This was his purchase from the day, and he calls it his Indiana Jones hat!

Winter day in Frisco with Rob tuckered out

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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