Women’s Robe and Slippers with National Wholesale

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Women's robes and slippers for lounging

Women’s Robe and Slippers with National Wholesale

Quote of the day: “When people tell you to ‘do whatever makes you happy,’ ignore that. Do whatever makes you better, and be happy about it.” Allan Rice

And doesn’t lounging around the house make us happy? And even better, our lounging time is a time to unwind and enjoy either some solitude or a little laid back fun. I know that makes me feel better and enjoy life more.

In fact, I had one reader request a post about what we wear when we are at home. It got me thinking about our pajamas and lounging pieces. I’m still going to include a post about “real” clothes at  home too. But I thought the inside outfits would be perfect for the winter. And our next post will be with our pjs.

Women's robes and slippers around the house

So when National Wholesale reached out to me, I thought I’d focus on something that we all wear yet maybe don’t update often. I know for myself, I hold onto robes for years before getting a new one. Although I tend to get a new pair of slippers almost every year because they get worn a ton and wear out.

That being said, National Wholesale doesn’t only provide robes and slippers. They have clothing, intimates and even some health and wellness items. This is one of those smaller companies that has had a catalog presence for over 50 years, and is now working to increase their web presence. One of the reasons they reached out to me is that they focus on mature, modest, and stylish women, which I think describes us to a tee. Just so you know, I don’t partner with every company that reaches out to me. Many don’t fit with our niche or their products are too expensive.

And of course National Wholesale is offering my readers a discount with the code Jodie20Natl. It’s 20% off WITH free shipping but only until Feb. 21, 2019. So it could be a great way to get a Valentine’s gift taken care of.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit 

This robe comes in many other colors besides pink. It’s shown in blue, aqua and lilac too. The slippers I’m showing in the red plaid, but there is a navy plaid version too.

Women's robes and slippers over fifty

Robe: National c/o (here)~~SlippersNational c/o Minnetonka (here)

Women's robes and slippers in plaid and stripes

Why I Chose this Robe and Slippers

I truly thought it’d be fun to add in a little print mixing with my lounging wear. I chose the slippers first because I wanted a pair with the rubber sole so I could venture a quick trip outside and not feel bad. These are a very fitted and molded pair, so they give great support unlike some of my other slippers. If you prefer to wear socks with your slippers, you might want to size up in these.

As for the robe, I looked at the reviews before I chose this one. My last robe was over 5 years old, and too heavy for our place now. Since our bathroom is upstairs, it’s never that cold even right out of the shower. And especially after I blow dry my hair, I was getting overheated. Consequently this robe is light but still a wonderfully soft material. And it even has an inside tie so I could wear it commando and not worry about exposure.

Nancy’s (70+) Outfit

This petals short robe comes in many other colors besides this rose color. It’s available in purple, sapphire, melon, orchid, light blue, turquoise, navy and even on sale in black. The slippers are on sale in this pink and in the grey.

Women's robes and slippers over sixty

RobeNational c/o Shadowline (here)~~Slippers: National c/o Dearforms (here)

Women's robes and slippers in pink

Why Nancy Chose this Robe and Slippers

Nancy prefers shorter length robes because they are easier to get into than floor length. And this one is nice and lightweight. It’s meant to add a little coverage yet not be too warm since the inside of the house should be nice and cozy.

As for the slippers, they are wonderfully warm and comfortable with faux fur lining throughout. They have the non slip grips on the bottom which I think are essential when you have wood floors. And memory foam. Did I tell you they have memory foam for the insole? I’m sure that’s why they are so easy to wear.

Charlotte’s (80+) Outfit

These velour bootie slippers also come in a blue and black besides this aubergine. The velour lounger is available in teal, green, wine and sapphire in addition to this purple.

Women's robes and slippers over eighty

Robe: National c/o (here)~~SlippersNational c/o Dearforms (here)

Women's robes and slippers in purple

Why Charlotte Chose this Robe and Slippers

I’m sure it’s no surprise that my mom loved the idea of matching her robe to the slippers. She picked this robe because the smocking on the yoke gives it an elegant touch. As for the length, she likes the longer ones in the winter. In fact, my mom will many times wrap a scarf around her neck when she’s watching television to keep warm. Yet she doesn’t need to in this robe since it covers her top to bottom.

These slippers help to keep her warm since they come up the ankle a little more. And they have that memory foam too. It’s nice because it gives a little support when you are without shoes.

Women's robes and slippers at home reading

Tips & Tricks

One of the nice aspects about National is they do have many plus size and even petite sizes. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s that online shopping can give you much more variety for sizing. And variety of products too. Who hasn’t fallen in love with an item or color of item, only to not be able to find it at the stores anymore? Many times you can still get the same loved item when you search online. And I can understand why the brick and mortar stores can’t carry everything. It’s just not logistically plausible.

I also appreciate that National’s pricing is reasonable. When comparing other name brand thermals, I found National was half as expensive. I noticed that National carries Cuddl Duds which has become one of my favorites for keeping warm in the winter. In fact, they have what my mom calls Petty pants only in the thermal variety. My mom wears hers for an extra layer when she’s wearing her skirts.

And it’s even better that you get a discount just because you’re reading my blog. Use the code Jodie20Natl. when ordering from National Wholesale. You get 20% off WITH free shipping but only until Feb. 21, 2019.

Women's robes and slippers with popcorn and wine

The Facts

This is a sponsored post with National Wholesale Company. I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with companies that could be beneficial for us all. So thanks for supporting these companies and my blog!

I also hope you check out my interview that Parker wrote on her blog If the Muumuu Fits. Parker is the granddaughter of the man who started National Wholesale and Parker’s mom is now the owner of it. It’s truly a family affair just like our blog is.

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