Women’s Straw Scala Hats with my White Blazer

White monochromatic look

Women’s Straw Scala Hats with my White Blazer

The warmer weather brings out so many different items at least in my closet. Two things that really stick out is my white blazer and straw hats. Even though white is fabulous for wearing all year long now, this blazer sees more activity when it’s not freezing outside. Although I have tried wearing it layered with another jacket in the past.

Quote of the day: “Thankfully, perseverance is a great substitute for talent.” Steve Martin

I had to laugh at the quote above because I think perseverance is my middle name. I have NEVER been a huge lover of a monochromatic outfit until I started trying it with all white.

Yet if you know me well, then you know I just adore color. So even my monochromatic looks aren’t truly one color. Like this one. I added in book ending colors with my hat and shoes. Don’t forget to check out Shelly with her white denim jacket and my mom with her white jacket and skirt. And I even showcased some other times on the blog I went will an all white outfit.

White outfit with color on my head and feet

Jodie’s Wearing

Jeans: Chicos~~Jacket: Boo Hoo ~~Top: Banana Republic-thrifted~~ Shoes: J. Renee~~Scarf: Banana Republic ~~Earrings: Kendra Scott ~~Purse: from Trendz ‘n Trinkets c/o here~~Hat: Tenth Street Hats c/o Find it here

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My White Blazer Love

I have to admit that I haven’t always loved a white blazer or jacket. Probably because we had to wear a white lab coat in dental school. And those memories of dental school were not always pleasant. When I was in school, it was very much still an “old boy’s club” and if you didn’t have self confidence when you went in, you would be crushed.

Granted, I can look back on those times now and realize this. But after graduating, there was NO way that I wanted to wear another white jacket. Funny, how certain pieces can bring back memories.

Luckily I’m over that now, and I love my white jackets. I have this white blazer, a white denim jacket and an ivory faux leather jacket that all get a ton of wear because they go with everything.

White blazer with white jeans


Even though I love white as a neutral, I still tend to put color near my face most days. I had recently just worn this scarf out to dinner with friends, and Rob kept commenting on how it looked so good.

The funny thing is I’ve had it awhile, but sometimes I feel like we get into ruts with what we wear. Now that I’ve pulled it out a couple of times, I have some great ideas of what to pair with it.

These small neck scarves may remind you of flight attendants, but I just love them. First they aren’t complicated to tie, yet they can look a little different depending how you roll them. And two, they aren’t as overpowering as other scarves. Plus you can wear them on your purse as decoration too.

Teal Tenth Street summer hat

The Hat

I have worked with Tenth Street Hats for the past couple of year by showcasing them on Instagram from time to time. Even though I rarely work for product only anymore, I know I have been wearing hats much more and therefore in the past I have agreed. So while now I am getting paid for this post, it wasn’t how it started.

In fact, I’ve suggested Tenth Street Hats to a couple of my friends because they have hard to fit heads. While not all of Tenth Street hats come in all sizes, they do have many choices.

The reason I chose this straw hat? One because I already have a couple of natural color summer hats. And did you see the cool decoration on it. One other detail that I think is great, is there is sizing tape that comes with the hats, in case your hat is slightly too big.

Straw hat with decoration

White Jeans

Now the other thing I need to point out are these NO STAIN white jeans. When Chico’s first came out with their no stain white shirt, I immediately thought they needed to make the same concept in jeans. And now they have. Who doesn’t need these? You can see how I tested them in a short video on Instagram. I used wine and even soy sauce!!

Yes, I bought these jeans because I wanted to try them out for you. But I didn’t pay full price because I get Chico’s pamphlet in the mail that always has a coupon in it. So I would suggest using that coupon for these!! Talk about a great investment.

Wearing a hat for the summer

Shoes and Purse

When I showcased my favorite spring accessories recently, I vacillated between my straw purse and this clear one. I have been so surprised at how much I carry this. For my purse organization, the biggest help to me are these smaller pouches. In fact, I found a white one in my closet to fit in with the all white theme.

These shoes I bought over 7 years ago. Granted, I don’t wear them as much now that I’m retired. But I had to buy them because the print matches one of the prints on my winter jacket.

White jeans that don't stain

White Blazer

Now that I’m over the trauma of dental school, I do love wearing white blazers and jackets. Of course, many of you comment how you’re too messy for these. And I get it.

Yet there are many ways to counteract this. One, of course, is to dye the piece after it becomes stained. Another way is to scotch guard spray the item after you first get it. I used to be good at this with my shoes, but it could work for jackets too.

Summer look

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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