Workout Clothes for Over 50 Women with Compression Leggings

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Front panel of leggings

Workout Clothes for Over 50 Women with Compression Leggings

Workout clothes for over 50 women is one of those well googled and searched queries. Maybe it’s because we don’t see a lot of midlife women modelling the fitness clothes? Maybe it’s because we are still searching for great workout gear?

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The three of us have blogged about this subject twice in the past. Once at the gym and once with 8 different decades of women. This time I’m working with Go2 to showcase their compression leggings. This means this is a sponsored post and all of the details are below along with the discount code JODIE25 for 25% off.

Since leggings are very popular now with women of every age, I wanted to showcase how we can wear them three different ways. Which is why I’m at the gym. While you will see Lesley wearing hers for a casual outing and Charlotte dressing her pair up, I will also be publishing a YouTube video about this subject. So make sure to subscribe to my channel and keep your eyes peeled.

What are Compression Leggings?

These compression leggings from Go2 are not the same level of compression as their socks. It’s more about compression in the waist to help streamline the natural curves of the wearer. That’s why I’m showing off the waistband above. It’s a high rise waistband with gentle compression.

The material of this pair is 87% nylon and 13% spandex. As for care of them, it’s the normal machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on the low setting.

Insider tip: Go2 gives a 100% guarantee on these compression leggings for durability and satisfaction.

Wearing workout clothes for women over 50

Are All Leggings the Same?

Of course leggings vary by brand and materials. I’ve had many in my closet, whether for workout clothes or for normal day to day. In fact, I just wore a pair under a shorter skirt for modesty on the blog.

With that in mind, let me point out some of the fabulous details about these leggings.

1-The tummy panel. At the gym, you don’t always have a tunic covered your midsection so this higher panel is great for two reasons. It is flattering, and you don’t worry about them exposing your back crack when you sit or move.

2-The pockets. If you go to a gym or are out walking, you can totally appreciate these pockets. They are DEEP. And are found on both sides. I can easily fit my phone in them (as you can see by the bulge in many of these photos) and it’s tight enough I’m not worried about my phone falling out.

Insider tip: It’s nice to have pockets on both sides. I find if my phone and cards are all in the same pocket, the cards can pull out with my phone and fall out.

Compression leggings with Go2

3-Thickness. These Go2 leggings are really thick. You are NOT going to see anything through them when you are working out or even when you are sweaty.

4-Price. These are VERY reasonably priced at $19.95.

What Would I Change?

Walking the track in workout clothes for over 50 ladies

I know you all appreciate my honesty. My brain always categorizes everything with pros and cons, so these are no different.

First off, these are only offered in black. I know most women gravitate towards black leggings anyways, so you might consider that normal. Of course, I wouldn’t mind some other colors.

Secondly, I feel the sizing runs large. In fact, they didn’t have an XS available when I ordered my pair, so I have the Smalls. They don’t “feel” super big, but they certainly look wrinkly especially from the back view. The company will be sending me an XS pair once that size has been manufactured.

Insider tip: That being said, I would recommend to size down, especially if you are between sizes or like them tighter.

Workout Clothes for Over 50 Women

Everyone is comfortable in different pieces depending on how you are working out. In fact, at our retirement community recreation center, I’ve seen women in items from jeans to leggings.

If you’re just walking the track, I can see wearing jeans and a t-shirt. But if you’re bending and twisting, you’d be better off in something with spandex that moves with you.

Insider tip: Notice that I am wearing a pair of Go2 Compression socks also. While I usually wear these when traveling, I’ve seen many people wearing them working out also because they help with blood circulation.

Finding great gym gear

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


This is a sponsored post with Go2. Which means Go2 sent us the leggings, and I was paid to write these posts. I always appreciate it when small companies support my blog, and they appreciate your support. It’s truly a win/win for everyone.

This isn’t the first time working with Go2. We worked together to showcase their fun compression socks last year. In fact, that post was one of the most popular posts of 2019. And now I’m a huge fan of their compression socks. Even my husband has multiple pairs that we wear when traveling by plane and even around the house.

Go2 is also giving a discount code for all of my readers. Use the code JODIE25 for 25% off all full priced items at Go2. They even have some of their compression socks on sale! And if you’re looking for workout clothes for over 50 women, I hope you consider these leggings.

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