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Our monthly collaboration with Where Bloggers Live brought up the question of “If I could travel in time.” This may be my site where I spill all of the information I’ve learned and even give you secrets about my past.
However, this subject was one I struggled to write about with any fun facts or interesting details. In fact, I felt like I failed for this prompt. But I know you have my back, and will share your thoughts so it will be more fun.

Quote of the day: “Science progresses best when observations force us to alter our preconceptions.” Vera Rubin

Maybe it’s because I’m so science and biology oriented that I haven’t considered that time travel question.
Or maybe it’s because I have such a cushy life now. Why would I want to travel back to when women were limited in what they could do, bathrooms were non-existant and food had to be caught before it was cooked?

Then again, how about the idea of going forward in time? This option reminds me of the Jetsons. Have you watched it lately, because much of it is our life now? For example: video calling, robot vacuums (as I’ve even written about), tablet computers, smart watches, and the list goes on.

When I first read the prompt, my initial thought was to think about going back in my earlier years and right the wrongs. You know? The things you regret and think about how life would have turned out differently?
For example, spending more time with my dad after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer because I didn’t realize it would take him so soon.
Or maybe not marrying my first husband who was abusive.
Heck, even the idea of not being a dentist with all of the responsibility, but being a hygientist instead?

It’s an interesting thought, but if you’ve been here long, then you know I try to focus on the positive and the now. Our life is a gift, and we make mistakes as part of being human. My thinking is not that it’s bad to make errors, but it’s how you correct those errors that show your true value as a human.

Now that you’re all falling asleep, I will share some other tidbits about this subject of time travel.

Movies and Books

I remember the first time I saw, Somewhere in Time and the concept captivated me so much. It was like those Escher art pieces you see where there is no beginning and end. I felt like it was that type of circle that kept me thinking about it for day.
In fact, if I remember correctly, I even read the book after seeing the movie because it was so intriguing.

Then came the Outlander book series. I’m not sure I read Book 8, but it all started with the first in the series. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It was one of those that was hard to put down, so beware.

Once the tv series came out, I knew I had to watch it. So I twisted my husband’s arm and we even purchase Stars every time a new series starts (and then we cancel it). In my opinion, the tv series follows the books wonderfully.

Insider detail: Did you know that the author, Diana Gabaldon, is on set to help with the tv series? There are a bunch of short behind-the-scenes videos that you can watch.

So that’s it. That’s all I have for you with “If I could travel in time.” But I bet my Where Bloggers Live friends can give you more to ponder.

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