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Zinger Style Cropped Flares: Light Blue Jeans Outfit

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What is zinger style?? How I define that style is one that is a little different and unique. Yet when you think about a light blue jeans outfit you may not consider that something zingerly (yes, I made up that word).
That’s why I combined 2 colors not necessarily popular along with styling a pair of cropped flares that are modern and fun.

Quote of the day: “Ultimately, I realized that what’s most important is to be a learner. Many people know a lot about a little, but there are only a few people who know a little about a lot.” Kenneth C. Frazier

I feel that the more I blog, the more I learn about different styles and how to keep things fresh. That doesn’t always mean you have to buy new things all the time although I’ll confess that many items are relatively new in this light blue jeans outfit.

Needless to say, I’m sure we can figure out how to add zing to your light blue jeans outfit. This week we are concentrating on different kinds of denim. It started with the controversial distressed denim with my friend, Cathie.
And I wanted to showcase a light wash of denim option because it is trending again.
Then make sure to check out the medium wash denim (shorts, no less) and dark denim.

Petite woman in cropped flare, light blue jeans outfit

Jeans: Banana Republic Factory ~~ Top: Red Poppi won in a giveaway~~ Shoes: Rag & Co ~~ Bracelet: I knit the rust-colored one~~ Earrings: Tak Creations c/o~~ Purse: Aldo

Petite Light Blue Jeans Outfit

The lighter wash denim seems like a wonderful option for the warmer weather since it’s not as dark as dark denim. In fact, you could think of it as an in-between between dark denim and white denim.

While the top is more of a fall color, I got creative with my accessories and shoe color to give off a spring vibe.

This is the type of outfit that with a change of shoes to boots and the addition of a jacket could be easily worn for the fall season too.

The Cropped Style Denim

The style of this lighter denim is what I would call a cropped flare. These are still available on the Banana Republic Factory site and were a darn good deal when I last checked. The exact description is a high-rise sun-faded raw-hem cropped bootcut jean which translates to cropped flares in my head.

Luckily they come in petite (and tall) versions so that’s why they really are cropped, even on me (I’m 5’2″). I know my mother says she doesn’t like this length yet I consider it a good length. It stops right above the ankle bone and because it’s flared, it doesn’t bunch up when you sit down.

Insider tip: If you have memories of “high water” jeans, now is the time to change that dialogue in your head. It may have been traumatic as a kid to be tall, but now we know our height (no matter what it is) is a blessing.

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Rust blouse for spring

The Color Rust For Spring

Rust is not a color you normally see in the springtime. At least with clothing items, yet that’s exactly why I grabbed this top. I won it this winter from an Instagram giveaway and figured the cotton material and 3/4 length sleeves make it ideal for the warmer weather.

Insider tip: I love giveaways and so have written a blog post and have a short YouTube video to give you the ins and outs.

How I springify the rust top is to have it be part of a light blue jeans outfit. It is lighter and then adding a springy color with the shoes and earrings finishes it off nicely. More about those accessories are below.

Would you have thought that rust and green would work so nicely together? I figure you see those two colors together on trees, especially in the fall, so why not pair them in an outfit?

Trending Accessories for Spring 2022

Pearls are making a comeback, and I’m here to say you should pull out the pearl necklace you have and combine it with some of your other necklaces.
Some of my friends have been calling this a neck mess. I consider it a fun way to wear what you have and make it stand out more. Sometimes our delicate necklaces get lost in the outfits, but by wearing more than one, they are more likely to be seen.

My neck mess is full of memories. The small pearl necklace was made from the pearls from my mother’s wedding dress (seen here) and given to me on my confirmation. The lone pearl belonged to my friend who passed away over 10 years ago. And then the white and silver pearl necklace was a bridesmaid gift when I was in my friend’s wedding.

The cactus earrings were gifted to all of us from a site here in Arizona that just launched. I hope you check it out because it’s not just earrings or cactus-themed, but also home decor and fabric.

I grabbed my snakeskin purse since the overall look was all solids and I had already decided on a leopard belt.
If you look closely you can see one of the bracelets also has cacti on it and then the circle metal bracelet was one handknit by me for my aunt. When she passed away, my cousin let me add it to my collection.

Cropped flares light blue jeans outfit

Working on the Proportions with a Boxy Top

Sometimes a little nip and tuck can make a world of difference in our looks. And I don’t mean cosmetic surgery!! But I think if I showed you this outfit with the jeans and untucked blouse, you wouldn’t be impressed. I know I wasn’t.
Once I used a little tucking action in the front and added the belt and other extras, it made the outfit go from ho-hum to a zinger!! And it’s not rocket science.

Now many of you claim that the half-tuck isn’t for your body shape, but there are many varieties of the half-tuck. Sometimes you have to play around with the top to see how it drapes. For this rust top I basically only tucked the front portion and left the back hang out.

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Since the front was tucked, I checked my belts to see which one would complete the look. I started with a mint green belt, but it seemed disjointed. I didn’t have a “matching” rust belt, but I thought the leopard print was a great way to pull in the browns and stand out against the light blue jeans.

Light blue jeans and mules

Spring Mules

It’s this time of year that I really love the idea of mules. It’s a great way to show some exposed foot but not have to worry about getting the toenails painted yet! I found these colorful mules at DSW when I was using my birthday rewards back in December. They have been patiently waiting to make an appearance on the blog since.

The shoes are comfy since they are crocheted material and stretch but I needed a bit more arch support. If you look closely, you’ll see a clear rubber that has been added to these shoes. They are called Sole Insoles (found on Amazon) and I’ve been wearing them for a year.

Insider tip: These Sole Insoles come in and out of shoes and can be washed in between uses. I tend to use them in my flat sandals and Converse sneakers the most.

Baring ankles with cropped jeans

Bra Exposure

Many of us still consider a bra strap showing a faux pas. In fact, I’ve written about it many times before, and it’s truly one of the reasons, I like having different colored bras.

This red bra is one from Ruby Ribbon (as discussed in my comfortable bra post) and this is one of their lace demiettes that has a deep v neckline which works wonderfully with lower cut tops. It’s not the most supportive of all of my bras, but since the top isn’t fitted, I don’t mind.

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Light blue jeans outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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