Styling button up shirts as a jacket

Unusual Tip of Styling Button Up Shirts To Give Your Wardrobe More Variety

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Styling button up shirts as a jacket

Unusual Tip of Styling Button Up Shirts To Give Your Wardrobe More Variety

Styling button up shirts can be done so many ways which could be one of the reasons they are so classic. The white button up shirts have been touted as one of those must haves in everyone’s closet. Not that I agree with those lists, but just in case you have one, let’s talk about an unusual way to wear it.

Quote of the day: “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” Jim Rohn

This quote is one that I need to remember for myself. So many times we think we want something different, yet we don’t want to change.
For those of you who are looking to have more variety with your wardrobe, this is a perfect way to start. Or as Nike says, “Just do it.”
I know the best way for me to remember a styling tip is to make sure to use it right away!! And take a selfie to remind yourself. Since the weather is getting cooler, this is the perfect time to try styling button up shirts as a layering piece.

While white tops tend to be what we grab in the summer, it’s also good to see how they transition to the fall months. You can also read Lesley’s idea for this concept along with how I styled my white top.
And Charlotte’s count on how many white shirts in her closet? She counted over 20 although she rationalizes that many of them she’s made.

Charlotte’s Styling Button up Shirts

Neutrals for fall

Pants: Chicos c/o~~ Button up Top: Eden + Olivia~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o~~Scarf: ~~ Necklace: Aunt Nancy’s~~ Purse: thrifted

Styling button up shirts as jackets or layering pieces is not a new concept. In fact, you can see many other times one of us or all of us have used this trick.
Styling Your White Button Down Shirt as a Jacket
Two Blouses Paired Together
Turtlenecks 6 (Under a Blouse)
Eco-Friendly Chic: How to Wear Professional Clothes After Retirement

When it starts getting somewhat cooler and you think to grab a jacket, maybe styling button up shirts this way would work just as good? And they would be lighter than most jackets.

Insider tip: 2 other reasons for trying this idea:
1-If you think kimonos are too boho and overwhelming.
2-If your button up shirts tend to gape open when you wear them the traditional way.

Styling button up shirts with leopard

Leopard Galore

Charlotte decided to pair her white blouse with a column of color. Then to add some interest to the look, she had fun with a ton of leopard.
It’s hard to see the print on the earrings, but they too are leopard.

Which goes to show that even though you are aware of the colors/prints on your earrings, unless they are REALLY large, most people won’t notice.
The time people will notice your earrings is when you are up close and talking to them. At this point, the other person won’t be focusing on the rest of your outfit, so don’t worry about that it might be “too much.”

Insider tip: If one of your struggles with scarves is there is too much material around you neck, then draping it down the sides is the solution.
If you don’t like it flying around, you could “attach” it at the ends so it looks like a trim on the blouse.

Styling button up shirts for older women
Leopard loafers with Walking Cradles

Comfortable Fall Shoes

Leopard and animal prints are still VERY much in style. In fact, I’ve been seeing more and more animal print footwear from all retailers lately. I think it’s become more mainstream and not as “wild” as it used to be.

Therefore, don’t be afraid of adding any kind of animal print shoes to your closet. They are a combination of neutrals, so should work with almost anything.

This pair of leopard loafer is the “Wren” from Walking Cradles. They are from last year, yet have been so popular that they are offering them again. On top of that, there is the “Winnie” loafer with leopard and cheetah combined if you want something a little smaller in print.

Brown and white for fall

Styling Button Up Shirts as a Layer

So don’t forget this trick to wear any of your button up shirts as a “jacket.”
If it’s hard to remember, you could store all of your button up tops together next to your jackets to make you think of reaching for them.

Insider tip: This trick also works for men AND men’s shirts. My husband uses this trick when he needs a light layer instead of a heavier jacket.
AND sometimes you can “borrow” from your husband’s closet.

Styling button up shirts for autumn

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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