Daily Looks: Week Ending 6.16.23

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It’s definitely heating up in our part of the country. It’s the season of loose and flowy items! I feel like living in Arizona in the summer means you give up on covering up those scars and body parts if you want to be comfortable.


Dress: Old Navy-Goodwill~~Sandals: Someshun-Goodwill~~Hat: Just Be Youtiful

I wanted something easy to put on and take off because I had a facial for today. Thus I grabbed this dress.

The green self-belt is from a totally different dress, but I really liked how it pulled out the green from the print and then looked great with the sandals.

I couldn’t decide on what kind of hat went with such a feminine dress, so I thought I would create a dichotomy by adding a masculine vibe with the fedora.

No bracelets or necklaces but I did wear green earrings.

And annoyingly, my facial was canceled, so I will have to rethink the same idea for next Saturday.


Skort: Nike-Clothes Mentor~~Top: Peach~~Sandals: Vionic c/o

We were off to a free outside yoga class this morning, so this was the daily outfit. I just picked up this skort while thrifting and thought it would serve the purpose.

You’ve seen this top styled with normal outfits when I combined it with a pink denim skirt and multiple toppers.

I was gifted these sandals last year when I worked with Vionic. If you’ve never tried the brand, they have added arch support and many women rave about their shoes. My friend, Kellyann always says how she loves this brand because her neuroma doesn’t hurt when wearing their shoes.

You can find Vionic shoes on their site or even DSW. Personally, I don’t need that much arch support, so they aren’t my gold standard for comfort.

What you don’t see is all of the sunscreen slathered on (and that’s why I’m wearing the hat.)
Lately, my sunscreen of choice is Paula’s Choice sunscreen oil because it absorbs so wonderfully and moisturizes my skin. It’s not cheap, but I figure my skin is worth it.


I know many women don’t like jumpsuits for the bathroom consideration, but they can be fun to wear. There are some that are easier to pull down than others. This one has such a fun cut-out in the back. When I first got it, it was hard because of the bra factor, but now with my Gatherall strapless/backless bra, it’s no biggie.

You’ve seen this jumpsuit styled years ago. This time I added my favorite summer belt still available at Target (complete with a clear elastic that acts as a belt loop).

I kept the footwear neutral with my favorite Jambu sandals named “Frida“. These not only have mild arch support included but also contouring under the big toe.


Top“: Banned Retro-preloved~~Shorts: Modcloth~~Sandals: Liz Claiborne-Goodwill

You can tell I went outside before the photo because my glasses got dark. Almost all of my progressive glasses are photochromic because I think it’s much easier that way instead of having to carry a pair of sunglasses everywhere we go.

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This lemon top is not a top. It’s a skirt. Don’t believe me? See how I wore it with my color recipe 2 years ago. Since I wore my Gatherall strapless bra yesterday, I decided to use my body tape today.

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Then I tucked the rest of the “top” into these paper bag shorts that I have worn apple picking (when we first moved to AZ. But trust me, leave the apple picking to states where they can really grow apples)

The green sandals are new this year from a thrifting adventure, and I love them almost as much as my yellow sandals.

The accessories are minimal today since we are playing Nursemaid to Piper after her spay surgery.


Pants: from Just Be Youtiful~~Top: Old Navy~~Sandals: Walking Cradles

These pants were a recent purchase from Just Be Youtiful. It’s really amazing the prices she has because the clothing is good quality. Like these pants came with a cotton lining so while they are light and airy, they aren’t immodest.
I did have to shorten the pants, but that’s just par for the course for me.

The orange one-shoulder top is old. It was the baby steps into wearing all of the cute summer tops back when we lived in Denver. I say that because I hadn’t found a good strapless bra then, so I liked this because I could wear my interchangeable strap bra as a one-shoulder bra.
Today I wore it with my Gatherall bra so I could also pull the one shoulder down over my shoulder.

I am wearing my favorite macrame belt from Target because it seems more finished with a belt, but I didn’t want the belt to stand out.

Since the pants are so wide, you really don’t notice the shoes, but I did sneak in print mixing with my snakeskin sandals.

I also accessorized with green with my cactus earrings, and there is a scarf around my ponytail (seen in the top photo).


Romper: Veronica M c/o~~Belt: Target~~Sandals: ??

I wasn’t sure I would like rompers until I bought one at Goodwill a couple of years ago. I still don’t have many of them, but they are fabulous for our Arizona weather.
This brand is one that you think would be only for young girls, which is why I wanted to try it (and prove that theory wrong).

I didn’t mean to wear these shoes, but they are my summer slippers and were laying around, and because we were hanging around the house, I kept them on.
I can’t remember the brand. They were sent to me by a PR company, but I couldn’t work with them because they had NO arch support and just weren’t comfy enough to share with you all. But I hate throwing things out, so I wear them as slippers.

After seeing the photo, I took off the belt. I love the belt, but I think the romper is fine without it.

Insider bathroom tip: Rompers are easy to go to the bathroom if they have wide-leg openings.


Dress: Charming Charlie~~Sandas: Boc-Bealls

When I looked back at the week, Sunday is very similar to today’s look. I think I need to figure out some different color combinations with red print clothing.

This dress used to be an open-shoulder dress as seen many years ago. It was an easy one to change as I just pulled up the shoulder pieces and sewed them to the straps.

I also knotted one side of the hem to change things up.

And the cognac clog sandals were a good find from Bealls recently. They are comfy and go with everything.

I did wear my green fabric bracelet that came as a set from Target but I don’t see them available anymore.

And just to keep it simple, I wore my clear earrings. Nothing really stands out, but it’s an easy outfit.

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